The Locomotive Dashboard provides a complete and detailed overview of restrictions, corrective and preventive events, alerts and interventions, and the status history of an asset in one centralised place.

To access the dashboard, go to the Railnova platform, then head over to the "Railfleet" section and click the "Operational" link. If you want to learn about the functionalities of the Operational Dashboard, read the following article.

The detailed view of the locomotive can be easily accessed via the Operational Dashboard by clicking on the ">" button at the end of the row of your desired asset.

This is what the detailed view of an asset looks like:

You can easily toggle between the following tabs by clicking on them:

1. Overview

The first tab of the detailed view is an asset status snapshot that summarises the current restrictions and corrective events, the next preventive events, and the opened and recently closed interventions.

2. Info

The Info tab shows a small map with telematics data. From this page, you can directly access the driving locations, GPS history, telematics history and data inspector by clicking on the blue coloured links on the left side of the map.

3. Alerts

The "Alerts" tab shows the complete overview of all open and processed maintenance-related alerts. The telematic alerts have been migrated in the Rule engine alerts section!

To dismiss an alert, tick the checkbox next to the alert and then click on the "dismiss selected" button above the alert.

When you dismiss an alert, it will be dismissed for everyone who has access to the information about the asset in question.

Check this article if you want maintenance notifications to appear as alerts on the "Alerts" tab.

4. Restrictions

The fourth tab "Restrictions" provides an overview of all opened and closed restrictions for the asset.

If you want to know how to create, remove or close restrictions, visit the following article.

5. Events

The "Events" tab gives an overview of all planned, due, overdue and closed events of your asset where you can easily follow up on the status and progress of the maintenance. Click on an event to get more information about it.

Read the following article to learn how to create and manage maintenance events and interventions.

6. Interventions

The "Interventions" tab lists all your asset's open and recently closed interventions. Click on an intervention to review its details and see which events are part of it.

7. Status history

This tab lists the history of the asset's operational status, showing when the status has been changed and by whom.

If you want to learn more about the operational status, read the following article.

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