The Operational Dashboard is the go-to tool to keep track of the current health and availability of your fleet, and to view and follow up on the operational status, restrictions and maintenance events and interventions for each asset separately.

An additional attribute provides a piece of extra information about the assets that is necessary to consider. This can be an extra detail about the operational status, supplementary information about the applicable restriction or the type of intervention you are managing. When these are assigned to an asset, they become immediately visible on the Operational Dashboard bringing clarity about how to treat these by all who have access to the vehicle. As a Railnova administrator, you have the possibility to create these settings yourself based on operational and business needs!

Detailed Status Types

If you would like to give additional details to your standard operational status, you can set up detailed status types. Go to the administration panel, head to the "Corrective maintenance settings" section under Railfleet and click on "Detailed status types".

You can see all detailed status types for your company in one overview. If you don't find the one that is suitable for your case, you can create a new one. Click on the "Add a detailed status type" button in the upper right corner of your screen and a new window will appear. Fill in the form by adding a name to your detailed status type in any of the shown languages, add a description and assign an operational status to which the detailed status type will be applicable. If you tick the checkbox default, the detailed status type will be automatically added to the operational status by default. When you're ready, don't forget to save it.

Here are a few ideas on how they can be used and how they will appear on the Operational Dashboard:

Restriction types

In some situations, you'll want to apply restrictions to an asset. If you need to add supplementary information to these restrictions, you can do this yourself on the administration panel. Go to the "Corrective maintenance settings" under the section Railfleet and click on "Restriction types".

On the overview page, you can browse through all active or inactive restriction types. If you can't find the one that suits your need, create a new one by clicking on the button "Add restriction type" in the upper right corner of your screen.

Once you're on the next page, you can enter the name of the restriction type (e.g. not faster than 80km/h, not allowed to run at night, ...) and a description (optional). Don't forget to click on the save button, when you are finished.

Once a restriction type has been created and it can be added to the asset during the creation of a corrective event:

When a restriction type is defined, it can be viewed on the detailed view of the Operational Dashboard under the tab "Restrictions" as follows:

Creating new intervention types

Whenever you plan corrective maintenance on your assets, it is important to know where the maintenance takes place. To illustrate this, you can add an intervention type to the intervention on the Railnova platform Visit the administration panel, then head to "Corrective maintenance settings" in the Railfleet section and click "Intervention types".

In general Railnova users use the following names for the intervention types:

  • Hotline

  • Workshop

  • Mobile team

  • RepairMan

If you would like to create a new intervention type, click on "Add intervention type" in the upper right corner of your screen. A new window will appear where you can give your intervention type a name like revision, data download or delayed repair in English, French, Dutch, German and/or Italian and add a description to it. Your company has been already pre-defined and the mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Don't forget to click on save, when you're finished.

By ticking the checkbox "Add handover process", you'll add extra steps in interventions with this intervention type to be carried out during the process.

Here is an example from the praxis:

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