The Operational Dashboard does not only give you a complete overview of your fleet health and availability, it’s also a powerful tool to manage your maintenance planning workflow

The dashboard allows you to plan maintenance interventions based on automated alerts from the assets, preventive maintenance events, or based on on corrective events manually reported by colleagues or partners. From there you can schedule and prepare for the actual maintenance.

  • Creating corrective events

There are two ways to create a corrective event: you can turn automated alerts into events, or you can create a new event manually. The short video below takes you through the steps of manually creating a new corrective event:

Once you’ve created a new event it will be visible to all your colleagues immediately, keeping everyone up-to-date on the condition of the asset.

Your Railfleet account does not grant you access to the Operational Dashboard? You can still report corrective events using the "New corrective event" link from the menu. Simply fill out the form that will appear after clicking on the link, click on "Create Event" and you're all set!

  • Planning maintenance interventions

To create a new maintenance intervention on Railfleet you open the detailed view of an asset and head over to the “Event” tab. Next, select all the events that should be part of the new intervention using the checkboxes on the right-hand side. 

Click on the blue “create intervention” button and fill out the form to plan the intervention. Once you’ve saved the intervention everyone with access to the asset on Railfleet will be able to view it.

Ready to create your first event or intervention? Head over to the Operational Dashboard to get started!

For more information about events, interventions and other (Operational Dashboard) features, be sure to take a look at our detailed Knowledge Base articles!

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