Using Railfleet you can receive alerts for all kinds of events, such as when a low battery voltage or fault code is detected, when a locomotive enters a workshop, or when a new defect is reported on an asset. 

You can choose to only receive these alerts via email, but you can also show the relevant alerts on the operational dashboard. When you select this option (upon creating the notification rule for the alert) the alerts will appear in the details view of your assets. 

If you wish to show alerts in the operational dashboard you select "Is alert" below the name and description of the notification rule. (If you're not a Railfleet admin you can ask your administrator to do this for you.)

To view the alerts for an asset you first search for an asset using the filters and open the details view using the arrow on the right hand side of the asset bar. Click on the "Alerts" tab on the left hand side of the details view to see the open alerts for your asset. 

You can then either create a new defect report based on the alert, or dismiss the alert.

Creating a defect based on an alert

To report a new defect based on one or more alerts you use the checkboxes on the right hand side of the alerts. Select the alerts that should be part of the defect report and click on the blue "Create defect" button. 

Complete the defect report and click the "Create defect" button at the bottom of the form. The alerts you selected will be shown in the description field of the defect. 

Dismissing an alert

To dismiss an alert you click on the "dismiss" button next to the alert. 

When you dismiss an alert, it will be dismissed for everyone who has access to the information about the asset in question.

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