Until the first release in 2022, you could still find a predefined set of telematics alerts (battery alert, high coolant temperature, etc.) in the "Notification rules" module.

We have migrated these telematics alerts to the powerful Rule Engine.

If you had one or more telematics alerts in the notification rules, you will still see them listed in the notification rules but in read-only mode.

If you do not have admin rights, contact a Railnova administrator within your company. Your admin will create or change the desired telematics alerts for you.

Creating a telematics alert

If you want to create or modify an alert, you will now be able to do so in the Rule Engine.

Click on "Add rule" on the top-right of your screen to open the alert creation page and start by giving a name to your rule.

Check the "Active" box to ensure your rule will start sending alerts when you save it.

As with the maintenance notifications, you can select specific assets for which you want to receive alerts, or if you leave it empty, you'll receive alerts for all your assets.

You can then define what triggers the alert and what closes it. Choose one of the options from the drop-down menu and the parameters "is_open", "equal", and "Yes" to open the alert, "No" to close it.

The “is filter” function is only useful when it is necessary to filter by a single event, such as the occurrence of a specific error code.

If you would like to further filter the conditions, for instance to receive alerts only for specific fault codes, you can click on "Add rule" on the right to add a second line to your condition.

Select from the drop-down menu and add the parameters "code" and "in", then type the code numbers separated by a semicolon (without spaces):

You can then choose a priority, modify the open alert name, add a help URL and a description and check if you want to show the alert in the Live Monitoring.

The open alert name includes the rule and asset names by default.

Please note that the live monitoring page and the email subject will show the "Open alert" text.

You can then select which email addresses should receive the alert.

By default, the email contains the following information:

If you wish to receive a second email when the alert closes, please check the "Send notification email when closing" box. Two new fields will open, "close alert" and "close email body".

The close alert name includes "Closed", the rule name and the asset name by default.

Please note that the live monitoring page and the email subject will show the "Close alert" text.

Please check this article if you wish to customise your alert titles and emails.

Once you're done, click on the blue "Save" button at the top-right of the page.

Adding recipients to the telematics rules

Please note that a telematics alert is always linked to an asset. The recipient will only receive the email if he can see that asset in our software.

That way, you don't have to create a rule per recipient, partner company or asset. You can create one rule per alert type and add all the contacts with whom you share locomotives, even if they are in different companies and have access to different locomotives. The Rule Engine first checks that the recipient has access to the data of the asset for which the notification is sent to avoid info being sent to the wrong entities.

Still got questions? Go to the Railnova platform and click "Contact us" for help!

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