There are two ways to manage documents connected to events of maintenance interventions.

  1. upload files when creating or editing an event on the operational dashboard

  2. manage documents from events that have already been created

When you're creating a new maintenance event on the Operational Dashboard, you can easily add documents or photos to the event details form. These documents provide your colleagues or maintenance team with extra information regarding the defect and/or asset in question or are protocols that prove that the maintenance has been successfully completed.

To upload a photo or document you can simply drag the file to the "Documents" area, or you can click on the dotted Documents box to upload a file from your local device. Please note that the size of the documents is limited to 10 MB.

To download the files, go back to the event form on the operational dashboard and click on the paperclip icon to choose the file you wish to download.

When processing an intervention containing multiple events, it might take some time to go back to each event separately. To make it easier, you can find a paperclip icon next to each event line. By clicking on the icon you can directly upload, download or remove files from the intervention view or the event list of an asset. For each maintenance event that’s part of the intervention you’re processing, you’ll also see the number of documents that have already been added.

When you click on the paperclip icon, you’ll get an overview of the files which are already attached to an event, and you can upload new ones in just a couple of seconds! You can also delete a file by clicking on the "Delete" button.

As a Railnova administrator you can also download documents directly from the administration panel: go to "Maintenance data" under the Railfleet section and click on "Events". Look up the respective event and click on it. At the bottom of the page, you'll then see an overview of all uploaded documents. Click on a document title to download it.

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