This interface aims at allowing our customers to have direct database access to their data.

This allows connecting tools such as PowerBI directly to our database.

The number of queries is unlimited and unrestricted, allowing flexibility to the needs.

Customers may access one or more shared views on telematics data.
Two types of views are available:

  1. Owned data: a complete view of the raw telematic data owned by the customer, available by default.

  2. Custom view: customized views on aggregate data for easier integration derived from all the data collected by Railnova, available on demand for a fee.

Pricing of the interface

The pricing of the Big Data Interface service depends on the requested view, geographical location and volume, so please contact for a quote.

Customers are expected to use or create their own Snowflake accounts to receive the sharing from the Railnova account. Note that it is possible to open a limited trial account for test purposes on Snowflake.

The computing resource cost will be billed directly by Snowflake to the customers.

If you desire different service terms than the generic terms, we also offer custom integration plans, subject to a specific commercial agreement. Please contact for any questions related to custom terms.

How to set up the interface

Here is how to proceed to get access

First, create your own account at Snowflake. Beware, this account must be opened on an infrastructure provider and in a region where Railnova's data is replicated. Currently, only in the EU region at AWS. Please contact XXX for other infrastructure providers and regions.

Then communicate to us its account identifier (a seven-digit code like XY12345). We will thereafter create the data share for that account and add to it a view of the customer's own raw telematics data.

Once the data share and view are created, the customer can create the corresponding database from the Snowflake console.

Accessing Data Shares
Here is the procedure for a test account TP20761.

First, go the Private Sharing menu and select the Direct Share WITH_TP20761 :

Create the corresponding database :

Then go and check out what views are available :

In this case, just the view on raw data SHARED_WITH_TP20761 :

Custom Views
To access custom views aggregated from all data, please contact our Customer Success team via the "Contact us" button on the platform or via for a quote.

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