At Railnova we are committed to three years of data retention for our customers.

The Railnova dataset contains many data fields, and we are reaching the technical limit of our hot storage database system. For this reason, only the most recent data is stored in hot storage, and we use a technology called Snowflake to query and export older data.

Hot data: Data from the past three months can be instantly queried on the platform. Our Railgenius modules (Telematics Data, Data Inspector, GPS History and the Rule Engine replays) can all be queried quickly thanks to our hot data system.

Cold data: Data over three months remains safe and stored in a data warehouse for 3 years, where you can export it to analyse it via the Data Export module. Please note that this module is only available to our paying customers.

Before this feature, it was not possible at all for users to export large datasets.

The Data Export is meant for punctual use cases (e.g. a data scientist needs to perform a certain analysis) and not as a continuous data integration tool. Please check our Kafka Interface or Snowflake Data Share for continuous data integration.

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