To further optimise your fleet operations you can share assets with clients or partner companies. You can either share existing assets or new ones. To do so, you go back to the administration page and, in the "Asset" section, click the “add” link next to the “Sharings” field. 

On the next page, follow these steps:

  • Add an optional name for your asset sharing. We encourage you to use the semantic: “Your Company -> Other Company”, as a naming convention
  • Select the company to which the assets will be shared
  • Optionally, indicate a specific time frame during which the asset sharing will be active
  • Select the assets to share

When creating a new sharing in Railfleet, you have the possibility to choose the permissions (delegation) you wish to give to the company for the assets that are shared with them. The chosen delegation defines which specific actions people are able to perform. The standard delegations are:

  • read_write_dashboard: no additional limitations outside of the limitations of the users's role
  • read_write_dashboard_cannot_change_asset_status: the users of the company you are sharing locomotives with can not modify an asset's operational status
  • read_only_dashboard: the users of the company you are sharing locomotives with have limited (read only) access to the operational dashboard

Once you’ve selected the ownership rights, click on the save button in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Later on you can still change the sharing settings: go back to the administration page and click on the "Change" link next to "Sharings" in the "Asset" section.

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