To further optimise your fleet operations you can share assets with clients or partner companies.

Please note that only administrators can share assets. If you do not have admin rights, contact a Railnova administrator within your company. Your admin will share the necessary assets with the partner company for you.

Sharing assets

On the administration page, go to the "Assets" section and select "Shared data".

You will see an overview of all the sharings that exist between your company and your partners.

You can search for a specific asset in the keyword field or narrow down your search to a company or delegation.

If no sharing already exists with a specific company or for a specific asset, you can click on "Add sharing" to create a new one.

  • Add a name for your asset sharing. We encourage you to use the semantic “Your Company -> Other Company” as a naming convention

  • Select the company with which the assets will be shared

  • Select the delegation (see below)

  • Optionally, indicate a specific time frame during which the asset sharing will be active

  • Select the assets to share from the left column "Available Assets" and move them with the grey arrow to the right column "Chosen Assets".

Save your new sharing. You can always go back and edit it later on if needed.

Please note that assets are shared with companies, not with specific persons within that company.


When creating a new sharing on the Railnova platform, you have the possibility to choose the permissions (delegation) you wish to give to the company for the assets that are shared with them. The chosen delegation defines which specific actions people are able to perform.

You can view the available delegations in the "Assets" section under "Delegation".

There are already over 20 predefined public delegations that you can choose from. Simply click on each of them to see the permissions and decide which one better suits your needs.

Note that these public delegations are available for every customer and thus cannot be modified.

Some standard delegations are:

  • read_write_dashboard: no additional limitations outside of the limitations of the users' role

  • read_write_dashboard_cannot_change_asset_status: the users of the company you are sharing locomotives with can not modify an asset's operational status

  • read_only_dashboard: the users of the company you are sharing locomotives with have limited (read-only) access to the operational dashboard.

You can also create your own delegations by clicking on the green button "Add delegation" on the top right of your screen.

Choose a delegation name and a key (with underscores between words), select the permissions then save your new delegation by clicking on the "Save" button in the upper right corner of your screen.

Once they are created, these delegations are only available for your company.

Still got questions? Go to the Railnova platform and click "Contact us" for help!

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