The Data Inspector is an easy tool that allows you to visualise the data you collect from your assets in real-time and to identify or confirm any abnormalities in a set of comprehensive graphs.

Currently, the Data Inspector is available for our Railgenius Enterprise Customers. In case you do not have access yet and are interested in this module, please contact our Sales team.

1. General

To visualise your telematics data in graphs, log in to your Railnova account, go to Railgenius and click on "Data Inspector". You should see a page similar to this:

2. Select an asset

To view graphs you’ll first need to select an asset: use the search and dropdown menu at the top left of the page to do so.

3. Select a date range

In the time selector, you can easily set a custom date range to view the data that's important to you.

4. Symbols

You can show a set of symbols linked to the asset. This list can be edited company-wide by admins in the data configurator by checking the "Show in data inspector" box.

If no symbols are shown, it is because your asset has no fields in the data configuration yet. As an administrator, you can follow the steps described in this article to create a data configuration.

5. Select symbols, fault codes and Rule Engine alerts

To load the graphs and visualise the data, you will need to choose symbols, fault codes and/or Rule Engine alerts from the search menus.

5. Create presets

To work faster and more efficiently, you can create presets from frequently used symbols. Presets are predefined sets of symbols that allow you to visualise a set of graphs for a vehicle in a single click.

Choose the symbols that you need by ticking their tick boxes, then go to Presets and click on Save a new preset. The saved preset will be available for future use and is shared within your company.

6. Graphs

Depending on how extensive your remote condition monitoring is, you will be able to display a wide spectrum of data on the graphs.

Ticking the tick box next to the symbols, fault codes and/or Rule Engine alerts helps you to explore the available data and to select the values to display. The new data graphs will be displayed below the already visible graphs. You can remove fields by unticking the tick box next to the name of the field.

Once the data has loaded and the graphs are visible, you can also easily zoom in on a time frame on the graph itself. To do so you first put your cursor at the starting point of the range you want to zoom in on. Then drag the cursor to the desired endpoint and let go. Afterwards, the graph will only show the data from the selected time frame.

You can always zoom out by using the "Reset zoom" button

You can also group symbols by clicking on "Group symbols" and ticking the tick box of the desired symbol and clicking on "Group the following symbols".

For ungrouping, click on the "X" behind the Grouped symbols and then the view returns to the state before the grouping was created.

Do you still have questions? Please, go to the Railnova Platform and click on Contact to get help!

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