The Campaigns module makes it possible to carry out a task or modification on a set of rolling stock and to monitor its progress. The tasks that are part of a campaign are represented as maintenance events for each asset to which the campaign is assigned. The Campaign Dashboard visualises all the campaigns that have already been created and allow for easy filtering.

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1. Browse Campaigns

To create a new campaign or manage your campaigns, log in to your Railnova account, go to Railfleet and click on "Campaigns".

Here you can access, browse through your campaigns and create new ones.

2. Create a new campaign

To create a new campaign, click on the button "Add a campaign" in the right upper corner.

With a campaign you can define the following sections:

  • General

  • Impacts on label

  • Impact on restrictions

  • Impact on a maintenance plan

The mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

2.1. General:

Please add a name to your campaign, see the current status of the campaign (draft, in progress, done, cancelled, approved), define the start and the end dates and add documents to the campaign.

2.2. Impacts on label:

Here you can define the impact of your campaign on labels. To do so choose the trigger from the drop-down list and select if the impact should occur "At close" or "When overdue". You can specify what the "Action", "Label category" and "Label" as well.

2.3. Impact on restriction

If your campaign has an impact on restrictions, you can specify them here by choosing the trigger and the restriction type from the drop-down list. You can add your comment in the free text field.

2.4. Impact on maintenance plan

If the campaign has an impact on the maintenance plan of assets, you can specify the impact here.

Once all desired fields are set, please don't forget to click on "Create" in the right bottom corner, otherwise, the campaign won't be created.

3. Assign assets to campaign

Once the campaign has been created, the status of the campaign becomes a "drafted" and won't be therefore visible on the browse site until you tick the box drafted and apply the filters.

To approve a campaign, click on the campaign to review the details of the campaign and click on approve.

The status of the campaign becomes now "approved" after clicking on the OK button.

You can access the approved campaign by filtering on "approved".

Only an approved campaign can be assigned to assets. The assignment to assets is possible by clicking on the approved campaign and then clicking on "Assign".

The next window will request you to assign assets to the campaign. You can choose the desired assets by picking them from the drop-down list. You can assign a whole class or a group of assets together with labels, asset status and technical status. Upon completion, please click on "Assign".

The status of the campaign immediately becomes in progress and you can now follow up on the progress level of the campaign.

4. Campaign details

Depending on the status of the campaign you can change certain details of campaigns by clicking on the desired campaign on the "Browse campaign" page.

When campaign is drafted:

  • Approve (the status changes to Confirmed)

  • Edit (you can change General, Impact on Label, Impact on Restriction, Impact on Maintenance Plan. After confirmation, this is no longer possible)

  • Cancel

If campaign is approved:

  • Assign (you can assign vehicles to the campaign)

  • Edit (you can upload files and add them to the campaign. No more changes are possible)

  • Cancel

If campaign is in progress:

  • Assign to new asset (You can assign new assets to the campaign).

  • Edit (You can upload files and add them to the campaign. No more changes are possible)

  • Cancel

Please note that you can't modify the date of a campaign anymore once it is approved or is in progress. If you would like to extend the campaign, you will need to create a new one with the same attributes.

Once the campaign is in progress, you can find it back on the "Maintenance planning" and on the "Operational Dashboard" pages with the same event number. A campaign is only visible to the company that creates them.

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