On Railfleet you can set up multiple notification rules to send out alerts about activities or abnormal behaviour on your locomotives to your colleagues, maintenance partners and clients. 

You can define who should receive the automated alerts by adding the email addresses or contact lists to the notification rule. However, it’s also possible to dispatch your alerts to a different list of users, depending on the locomotive position. This will ensure that the people closest to the locomotive will be warned about abnormal behaviour so they can act on the alerts in time to e.g. prevent failures.

To illustrate the configuration of such rules, we’ll show you how to dispatch battery alerts by geographical zone below. Now, let's dig in this awesome feature!

1. Create a category

First of all, you would have to create a new category of labels for the geographical zone alert. To do so, go to the administration panel and scroll down to the “Labels” section. 

Click on “add” next to “Categories” and fill out the form on the next page: give the category a name (e.g. “Alert geographical zones”) and save the new category by clicking on the blue save button.

2. Create labels representing zones

Now you can create different labels representing your geographical zones: head over to the “Label” configuration in the administration panel.

For our example, we will create the following labels: South of France, North of France, Swiss border. We first enter the name of the new label, and then select the category the new label belongs to.

3. Setting up contact lists

Once you’ve created your labels, you can set up the contact list for the alerts. Go back to the administration panel and create new contact lists in the “Company” section (you can learn more about creating contact lists here).

For our example we have created three contact lists, one for each of our zones. The people we’ve added to these contact lists are the users that will be notified when our battery alert occurs in their zone.

For each of these contact lists we now have to assign the matching label we created at the previous step in their configuration. For example: the following image shows that we have assigned our "South of France" label to our "South of France team" contact list.

4. Create the zones 

We are almost done! But before we can send out alerts by geographical zone we first we need to create the actual geographic zones in Railfleet. You can find out how to create geographical zones here. For our example you can see that we have configured the "South of France" zone we would like to use to dispatch our battery alert.

5. Attach the category to the rule

One final action before we can dispatch our alerts to contact lists based on geographic zones: we need to set up the notification rule for the Battery alert itself. You can find details on how to create such an alert here). 

In order for your alert to be dispatched depending on the geographical zones and the related contact lists we have created, we simply have to tell the notification rule configuration to dispatch information based on our "Alert geographical zones" category.

This configuration can be reused on multiple notification rules, such as alerts for high coolant temperature.

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