The Railnova platform is an online cross-department and cross-company fleet management, monitoring and maintenance planning platform built for railway organisations:


Railfleet is Railnova's fleet management platform. It allows you to see all your trains in one place, and to communicate about fleet condition, status, availability and maintenance planning in real time.

It helps you to report new defects, to manage campaigns and automatically schedule preventive maintenance based on telematic counters, tolerance and time limits.

You can easily dispatch maintenance work orders from the platform, follow up on mobile team interventions (no need to be on the phone the whole day!) and push back preventive maintenance based on KM, HR or CBM counters.


Railway assets used to enter the workshop for each in-depth inspection and diagnostics. This had a huge impact on fleet availability and maintenance costs. With Railgenius, operators, maintainers and lessors can now easily perform these diagnostics in the cloud without having to pull assets out of service. Automated (predictive) alerts enable them to react immediately in case of failures. The real-time data access helps you to support your helpdesk and drivers in complex diagnostics situations.

The Railnova platform is fully integrable with your existing maintenance or business intelligence systems.

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