Railgenius, Railfleet and Railster can feel even more yours with the addition of your logo on all pages.

The look

Your logo will be displayed on the navigation bar on every page for all users to see.

Here is an example with our own Railnova logo:

How to upload your logo

To do this, you need administrator access to our software.

If you do not have the permission to do so and think you should, please contact one of the Railnova administrators in your company.

Go to the administration panel for your company at this URL https://one.railnova.eu/admin/company/company/ and navigate to the "Branding" section.

Click on "Choose file", select your logo from your computer, then click the "Save" button on the top right of the page. Follow the same steps to change your logo; the new image will overwrite the old one.

If you want to delete your logo, tick the "Clear" box then "Save".

Upload your logo in one of the formats suggested (png, jpg, SVG).

Follow these few tips for the best result:

  • You can do the same operations on our test instance at https://test.railnova.eu/admin/company/company/ and see the impact on the test instance homepage https://test.railnova.eu/ to make a few trials and adaptations without disrupting your colleagues' workflow,

  • The image should be of a reasonable size (less than 200KB),

  • The image should a bit bigger than the size of the logo you see in the navigation bar (the height should be more than 28px),

  • Crop out the margin around your logo if they are significant,

  • We are here to help! You can send us a file containing your logo, and our support team and designers will look at uploading it for you or explain how to improve its quality.

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