There are two ways to manage documents connected to events and maintenance interventions. The first one, is to upload files when creating or editing an event on the operational dashboard. The following article explains how you can do so: Uploading & downloading documents and photos

However, this might take a bit of time when you’re e.g. processing an intervention that contains multiple events, as you would need to go back to each event separately. 

That’s why there’s a second way to manage documents from events that have already been created: next to each event line you’ll find a paperclip icon. By clicking on the icon you can directly upload, download or remove files from the intervention view, or the event list of an asset.

When you click on the paperclip icon you’ll get an overview of the files which are already attached to an event, and you can upload new ones in just a couple of seconds!

For each maintenance event that’s part of the intervention you’re processing, you’ll also see the number of documents that has already been added.

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