As an administrator, you can define counter types, add counters to assets, and add or correct manual counter readings from the administration panel.

If you can't access the administration panel, please contact a Railnova administrator at your company who will be able to set up counters types, counters and counter readings for you.

Counters can easily be created on the Railnova platform via the admin panel. The counters can either be associated with telematics data and be updated automatically (in real-time), or they can be maintained manually by user input.

If the locomotive is equipped with a Railster, the counter will update automatically as soon as a corresponding message is received.

Counter types

To create your preventive maintenance plan, you must ensure that the counter types you need are available.

Go to the administration panel and click “Counter types” in the “Assets” section.

Check if the counter types used in your maintenance plans are already available. (Examples of such counter types are engine hours, engine MWh, km, etc.). A few counter types are already available for all customers, but you can always add your own if needed.

Available public counter types

wheel_diameter: manual counter, in mm

engine_mwh: manual counter, in MWh

locomotive_hours: manual absolute counter, in hours

loco_hr: incremental counter, based on the data "period_engine_hours" in the message type "merged". Note that this is the same counter type as "engine_hr", but with a different name.

engine_hr: incremental counter, based on the data "period_engine_hours" in the message type "merged". Note that this is the same counter type as "loco_hr", but with a different name.

gps_km: incremental counter, based on the data "period_km" in the message type "merged".

Adding a new counter type

If you need a different counter type, click on the “add counter type” button in the upper right corner of your screen.

On the next page, select the unit you want the counter type to be in (hr, km etc.) and choose a data source. This source can be manual (leave the data source empty) or telematics data (select the source from the drop-down menu).

If you select "Ascending", the counter value will increase over time (km, hours, etc.)

The counter statistics are recomputed as needed:

  • Manual counters are updated every time a new reading is created.

  • Telematic counters are updated every night.

Next, you can also enter a minimum and maximum daily average value. This will prevent the average usage from dropping too low, or even to zero, resulting in preventive maintenance operations being planned in an infinite future.

Save your new counter type.

The Railnova platform will automatically create any counters that will be used for maintenance planning when assigning the maintenance plan to the assets.


However, if you need a specific counter for a specific asset without a maintenance plan, you can create one yourself.

Check that the asset has a component structure. Go to the assets page and check the column "Component state".

If the asset doesn't have a green checkmark, follow these steps to assign a component structure.

Once a component structure has been assigned, you can create the necessary counters.

Go back to the admin panel in the "Assets" section and click on "Counters". Click on "Add counter" on the top-right corner of your screen.

Select the component and the counter type from the drop-down menus then click on "Save".

If needed, you can also already enter a counter reading before saving the new counter.

Counter readings

Adding a manual counter reading

To add a manual counter reading to an existing asset counter, you can either go to the "Manual readings" page or go to the “Assets” section in the admin panel and click on “Counters”.

Search for the asset counter for which you wish to add a manual counter reading.

Click on the component name to open the page with all the counter information.

Add your manual counter reading at the bottom of the page. To do so, simply enter the counter value and the date and time of the counter value you wish to report.

Click on the blue "Save" button in the right upper corner of the screen to save your manual counter reading.

Correcting counter readings

If an erroneous value has been entered in a manual reading or when closing a maintenance event, you can always correct it afterwards.

Counter readings entered when closing a maintenance event have a greyed out background on the counter page and will mention the preventive event number.

You can only correct these readings by editing the closed event via the operational dashboard. Modify the counter reading and save your changes.

Manual readings outside maintenance can be modified directly on the counter page. Modify the value and/or date, then click on the blue "Save" button in the right upper corner to save your changes.

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