The Railster is an electronic box installed on a locomotive and wired to its main components. 

The Railster captures the locomotive's location (GPS), analog (fuel level sensor, temperature sensor, locomotive battery voltage) or digital (CAN bus, RS232, MVB,...) data, creates telematic messages and sends them to the Railnova servers according to an established frequency.

The type of information transmitted by the Railster can vary from one type of locomotive to another and depends on the information that is available on the locomotive and the complexity of the implementation desired by the customer.

Examples of possible interfaces (non-exhaustive list):

The integrity of the data is guaranteed by an M2M message acknowledgment system. When there is no GSM connectivity, the Railster stores its messages in a local message queue, and synchronises with the server as soon as the GPRS connectivity is restored. The frequency and type of messages sent depend on the status of the Asset, as explained in the article Asset statuses.

The telematic data captured on your locomotives can be consulted in Railfleet on the Telematics Raw Data page or by using the Data Inspector

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