1. Functional description of telematic data

For a short explanation on how telematic data is collected and what type of information is available, please refer to the article Functional description of telematic data.

2. Where can you access your telematics raw data?

From the Railfleet home page or menu, select "Telematic messages".

On the next page, you will be able to select the device (Railster) or asset, the type of message and time frame for which you wish to see the data:

The corresponding data will automatically appear underneath the search area.

Detailed steps on how to filter, download and customise the Telematics Raw Data table are explained in the corresponding articles under Telematics Raw Data.

Another way to explore the telematic data sent by the Railster is by using our Data Inspector.

3. Example of how to use the telematics raw data: viewing fault codes

If you are retrieving fault codes from your assets, you can get an overview of the fault codes that have been triggered by selecting the message type "fault_code" from the "Type" field:

After selecting the type of fault code, you will get the list of fault codes that have been triggered for the asset and time frame you have indicated in the search section. 

Fault code environmental data are also accessible in the telematic messages view. To discover how to access the environmental data, click here.

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