Here is a short guide on assigning a Railster on the Railnova platform and validating its installation.

Further down, you'll also see how to inspect a Railster and understand what the LEDs mean.

First, ensure that the installation complies with the Railnova installation procedure and cabling schematic you've received.

Railster assignation

Once you've installed a Railster on an asset, you will need to assign the Railster to the asset on the Railnova platform. As long as the device hasn't been assigned, you won't receive any data from the asset.

To assign a device to your asset, go to the Railnova platform, head to the "Railster" section and click the "Assign Railster" link.

Note: If you can't access this page, please get in touch with the Railnova administrator at your company to check your access rights.

Otherwise, you can contact our support team via the chat button on the platform, and we'll assign the Railster for you. Please mention the asset number and the Railster number ("RUG2XXXX") in your message.

Select the asset and the Railster from the drop-down menus on the next page, then click on "assign and check cabling" to assign the device to your asset.

You'll then see a table that shows the status of all measurements on the asset in real-time. It will take a few minutes until the Railster fetches its production software update and everything turns green.

Each row must be green before you can confirm a correct installation.

This is an extremely important step that must be performed and completed while someone is still on the asset and before the locomotive is released for operation!

If the installation isn't validated and there's a problem later, we won't know if it has worked at some point or if the installation was faulty from the beginning.

Once you see a green checkmark on every row, please click on the blue button "confirm installation". You can also add a comment if needed, but it's not required.

Congratulations, you're done! You'll start receiving data from your newly assigned asset shortly after.

You don't need to contact our support team for confirmation if you were able to assign and validate the installation yourself.

If any of the rows are red, the "confirm installation" button will not be active. In this case, please perform a visual inspection as explained below.

Visual inspection

Activity LED (ACT)

Once the Railster is installed and powered up, the system status LED should be lit in steady blue. This LED is located below the "ACT" mark on top of the Railster front panel. Every 10 seconds, it will blink 3 times to show 3 statuses (GREEN/RED). This sequence is continuous while the Railster is ON.

This is how the main LED reacts once the power is on:

In order to have a fully functional Railster, all 3 blinks must be GREEN with the external power supply connected and ON.

If any blink is red, please check the appropriate cabling and connections.

If the LED is not lit at all, the Railster is on battery. In this mode, the LED will only turn ON when the Railster wakes up periodically for a few minutes and will then turn OFF again.

In this case, please verify the power supply circuit and connectors.

UIP LEDs (U1 - U5)

A few minutes after powering up the Railster, any connected [U1->U5] input activity LED should be lit in steady blue, indicating that these ports are correctly configured (see example below with U1 and U3).

The LEDs of the UIP connectors blink more or less quickly depending on the data transfer speed.

Blue: the UIP is powered

Green: the data is correctly received

Red: only invalid data is received

Orange (or alternating red and green): some valid and invalid data is received

If the UIP LEDs are red or orange (or red and green) because invalid data is received, please double-check the cabling according to the cabling schematic that was provided.

If the cabling is correct, everything is powered on and connected to the GPS and GSM, and you still cannot confirm the installation, please contact our support team via the "Contact" button on the platform.

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