New to Railfleet? The following quick start guide will explain to you what's needed to start digitalising your maintenance planning processes in Railfleet.

First of all you have to create an account on Railfleet. You can do this by following the steps described in the following article: creating a new account on Railfleet

After you created your account the Railfleet platform is just an empty shell waiting to be filled up with your assets. The next step after creating your account is therefore adding your railway assets to the platform. As a Railfleet administrator you can easily do this in the administration panel. 

Once you've added the assets to Railfleet you can start creating defect reports and plan interventions online. This way you and your colleagues can follow up on the status of your fleet and share knowledge about defects and interventions on one centralised platform. 

Once you've started creating these defects you can also share them with other companies, such as your maintainers. By sharing assets with them, they can properly plan for maintenance and automatically be notified when something happens with one of the assets they're maintaining. 

To send these automatic notifications to yourself, your colleagues or partner companies, you need to set up notification rules in the administration panel. Once these rules are set up you've fully digitalised your defect reports and interventions!

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