When viewing the Telematics Raw Data table you might see a lot of information that's not useful for the data you wish to analyse. That's why you can easily select the columns you wish to show in the table.

To select the columns you wish to see you click on the gearing wheel on the right hand side of the page. 

Then use the filter to search for the items you wish to display in the table. Check or uncheck the checkboxes to show or hide columns. Click on the gearing wheel icon again to close the menu. 

If you wish to view the unfiltered results again you go back to the gearing wheel icon and click on the "Reset" button.

Click on the "Clear" button to uncheck all the items in the menu at once. 

To save the selection of items, click on the "Save Presets" button. Whenever you click on the "Load presets" button the items you saved as a preset will be shown in the table. 

You can save new presets by selecting the items you wish to display and clicking on the "Save Presets" button again.

When you download the telematics data, only the columns that you selected will be included.

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