If you wish to only show a subset of assets on the Railfleet map, you can use the filter options at the top of the page. 

The default values you can filter on are:

  • Asset and asset class: type the name of your asset or asset class in the filter field, or scroll down the drop-down menu to select an asset or asset class. You can select one or more assets or asset classes, all selected items will be displayed below the filters.

  • Labels: search for assets based on the category labels you or your administrator created in the Railfleet admin. These labels could be items from the category "maintainer" or "ECM", to search for the assets maintained by one (or more) specific maintainer(s).  You can select multiple labels at once.

  • Operational status: filter assets based on their operational status (operational, degraded or immobilised).

  • Tech status: look for assets on the map that are in traction, parked, idling, or those that are powered on or are being used as vehicle.

  • Action: filter assets based on the current actions on the assets. Show only the assets for which an intervention is planned or in progress, or show only the assets with open alerts.

These filters are the same as the ones on the Operational Dashboard

When you've enabled any of the above filters, the word "ON" will appear next to "Filter" in the navigation bar. 

To remove an item from the filtering results you click on the "x" icon in front of the item (e.g. an asset class or tech status) you wish to remove. To remove all filtering, click on the "x" icon on the right hand side of the selected items.

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