If you've connected your assets to remote condition monitoring and/or GPS devices you will be able to locate your assets on the Railfleet map, and view a snapshot of the available telematics data.  

You can easily zoom in or out on the map using the "+" or "-" icons on the right hand side of the page. Click on an asset on the map to view more information.

To search for an asset you start typing the asset name in the "Assets" box in the upper left corner of the map. When you select the asset in the drop down menu, the map will zoom in on the position of the asset. You'll also see the following information: the asset name, its state (parked, in traction, etc.), its speed, the last time the GPS location was updated, the nearest city and some key telematics values (like battery voltage, coolant temperature, fuel level). 

On the map you can easily filter on asset name or asset class. But you can also choose to only show the assets that share the same state: parking, traction, idle, vehicle, ... To do so you click on the "Tech Status" dropdown menu and select one or more states from the list.

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