Whenever a problem occurs with your train you'll need an efficient way to inform your maintainer to plan an intervention. On Railfleet you can easily send automatic notifications to your maintainers when you create a new defect report

Before your maintainer can receive a notification you first need to set up notification rules.

In this article you can find a step-by-step guide on how to set up notification rules for defect reports. For general information about notification rules, please take a look at the following article: Creating notification rules.

To create a defect related notification rule you need to be a Railfleet administrator. If you're not an administrator you can contact the Railfleet administrator from your company to set this up for you.

Let's get started! 🚀 

1. Creating a Maintainer category

The first step in setting up these defect notifications is creating a "Maintainer" or "ECM" category in the administration panel: go to the administration page and head over to the "Label" section. 

Click on the "Categories" tab and click on the green "add category" button on the right hand side of the page.

Enter "Maintainer" or "ECM" in the "Name" field and check the box next to "Unique" (as there is only one maintainer per asset). Check the box next to "is operational" if you wish to show this category per asset in the operational dashboard. 

At the bottom of the form you'll see another form with the title "Labels",  this is what we'll create next. But first, save the category using the save button at the right hand side of the page. 

2. Creating Maintainer labels

Once you've created the category called "Maintainer" or "ECM" it's time to create the labels that will be part of the category (i.e. your maintainers): go back to the "Label" section in the administration menu and click on the "Labels" link. 

Click on the green "add label" button on the right hand side of the page.

Next, enter the name of one of your maintainers in the "Name" field and select the category this label should be part of. In the case of our maintainer this is the category "Maintainer" or "ECM". 

Once that's done, you need to select the assets that are maintained by this maintainer. To do so you either scroll through the list or use the filter option: start typing the name of the asset, select it in the list and click on the arrow that points to the right to add the asset to the maintainer.

When a defect is created for one of these assets the rule engine will look at the maintainer that's responsible for the asset, and check who needs to be contacted. 

For this you now need to select the users within your company (or a contact list) that need to be informed. To choose these users or the contact list you repeat the same steps as for the selected assets: filter or scroll through the users or contact list, select an item and click on the arrow that points to the right.

Once you've chosen all the users or contact lists you save the new label using the save button on the right hand side of the page. Repeat this action for each maintainer you're working with.

👏  Well done! You've now set up all the necessary items to create the notification rule that will notify your maintainer when you create a new defect. 

3. Setting up a Notification Rule

Now it's time to set up the notification rule itself. 

To do so you go back to the administration menu and head over to the "Notification" section. Go to the "Notification rules" tab and, on the next page, click on the green "add notification rule" button. 

Next, give your notification rule a name. (In the description you can provide extra information about the notification rule.) Check the boxes below the description field to set the notification rule to active, to enable email notifications and to show the notification in the alert tab in the Operational dashboard. Scroll down to the "Event type" section in the form and select "Maintenance events" from the list.

Then go to the "Send notifications to users/contact lists using:" section. Select the "Maintainer" or "ECM" category you created earlier from the drop down list below "Category" and choose "Label of the asset" below "Source" (to inform everyone connected to the maintainer label on the asset). 

By doing this you ensure that the right maintainer will be contacted when a defect is created. 

If you wish to inform specific people that are not part of the list you set up earlier (when creating the maintainer label) you can add these in the "Always notify these users" section. 

If you only wish to send notifications when a defect is created for a selection of assets or asset classes, go to the "Filter" tab and restrict the notifications in the "Restrict notifications to these assets" section. 

Now save your new notification rule using the save button on the right hand side of the page and you're ready to start creating defects!

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