Creating a contact list 

Contact lists can be used to simplify sending notifications to certain groups of people within your organisation, or to your partners. To create or edit a contact list you go to the administration menu and head over to the “Company” section. Click on "Contact lists" and click the “add contact list” button on the right hand side of the page. 

On the next page, give your contact list a clear name and choose the users that should be part of the contact list. You can either select them from the list, or look for a specific email address using the filter option. Click on the arrow that points to the right to add a user to the contact list. Hit the save button to save your new contact list.

Once saved you can use the contact list e.g. for a new or existing notification rule.

Couldn't find the contact you were looking for in the email list? As a Railfleet administrator you can easily add new users, or share assets with other companies so they can also be informed about new notifications.

Modifying a contact list

To modify one of you contact lists you go back to the administration menu and go to the Company section. Then click on “Contact lists” and select the contact list you wish to edit. On the next page you’ll be able to modify its title and add or remove users from the list. If you wish to connect the contact list to a label, you can also do this when editing the contact list.

To add a new user you can follow the same steps as when creating a new contact list: click on the arrow that points to the right to add a selected user to the contact list. 

To remove a user from a contact list you select the email address of the user and click on the grey arrow that points to the left. This user will then no longer receive any notifications that are sent to the contact list he or she was part of. 

Save your changes and you're all set!

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