In the Operational dashboard you can verify the operational status of each asset. The colour of the asset name will change according to the operational status of your asset. 

There are three default operational status types for your assets:

  • Green: the asset is operational

  • Yellow: the asset is in degraded mode

  • Red: the asset is immobilized

Degraded mod

There are two ways to change the operational status of an asset:

1. In the operational dashboard you can search or filter for the asset of which you wish to change the operational status and click on the operational status button on the right-hand side.

In the pop-up window, you should select one of the operational status types. You can set the date and time in the past or keep it to the current time but you cannot set the status in the future. Click the "Confirm change of operational status" button at the bottom of the form to save your changes.

The detailed status can only be created by the administrator of the asset. This option is not enabled for other stakeholders of the vehicle. The administrator of the asset can create detailed statuses only for one operational status or all. When changing the operational status, it is mandatory to choose a status. The detailed status is however optional and can be left blank.

When creating a change to the operational status of the vehicle, the following operational status can be chosen:

  • degraded mode

  • immobilised

  • operational

A detailed status type can be created on the administration panel under the section corrective maintenance settings.

To create a new detailed status type, visit the section detailed status types under the section corrective maintenance settings on the administration panel and click on the button "add detailed status type" in the right upper corner of the page.

Fill in the name of the detailed status type in English, French, Dutch, German and/or Italian, add a description (optional) and choose the operational status, then click on Save.

2. When creating a corrective event you can also select the impact that this event has on the operational status of the asset. Open the event form and select an impact on current traffic and impact status for your asset by marking the relevant boxes.

When you save the defect, the operational status of your asset will be changed.

Status history

The status history can be viewed on the Operational Dashboard under the detailed view of the asset. The list contains all changes to the operational status of the asset from the initial status and shows when and by whom the change to the operational status has been made.

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