In the Operational (beta) dashboard you can verify the operational status of each asset. The color of the asset name will change according to the operational status of your asset. 

  • Green: the asset is operational

  • Yellow: the asset is in degraded mode

  • Red: the asset is immobilized

There are two ways to change the operational status of an asset:

1. In the operational dashboard you can search or filter for the asset of which you wish to change the operational status and click on the operational status button on the right hand side.

In the pop up window you then select one of the operational status types. You can set the date and time in the past or keep it to the current time but you cannot set the status in the future. Click the "Create operational status" button at the bottom of the form to save your changes.

2. When creating a new defect you can also select the impact this defect has on the operational status of the locomotive. Open the defect form and select an operational status type for your asset in the drop down menu below "Status impact".

When you save the defect, the operational status of your asset will be changed.

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