Before you're able to create corrective defect reports on Railfleet (LINK) you need to set up some maintenance settings. 

The following elements can be set up in the administration panel by your Railfleet administrator:

  • The event circumstance: this applies to the condition of the locomotive when the defect occurred (Was the locomotive in traction? Was it empty?). You can edit or set up new event circumstances by following these steps. Only the event circumstances that you set up will appear in the list when you create a new maintenance event.

  • The corrective maintenance type: this could be an accident, vandalism,... This is a sub-category used to categorise corrective maintenance events. It only applies to events where the maintenance type is set to corrective. You can find a guide on how to set up or modify corrective maintenance types here.

  • The impact service status: how does the corrective event impact normal services? These statuses could be: delayed, canceled or no impact. You can set them up by following the following step-by-step guide.

  • The damage code: these are the codes you're using internally to name the different types of damages. You can set these damage codes up in the administration panel. 

  • The severity of the incident, for example: green, yellow or red. Create or modify the severity types by following these steps.

Elements that have not been set up by your administrator won't appear in the defect form used to create the corrective event. (However, in some cases example values might be shown. These values can be changed in the administration panel by your administrator.)

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