To modify an intervention created in the Operational (beta) panel you first go to the administration center. Then scroll down to the Maintenance section and click the "change" link next to "Interventions". Choose an intervention from the list and check the fields on the next page. Modify them if required:

  • Select the intervention type from the drop down list

  • Give the intervention a name 

There are also a couple of optional fields in the intervention form where you can change the:

  • Data transfer in: here you find the date and time the locomotive started its transfer to the workshop)

  • Date wait in: this is the date and time the locomotive arrived in the wait area before it's taken into the workshop. This is also the end of the transfer period.

  • Date start planned: the date you plan to start the intervention

  • Date start actual: the actual start date of the intervention on the locomotive in the workshop

  • Date done planned: the time and date you plan to finish the intervention

  • Date done actual: the actual date the intervention is finished and the locomotive starts waiting to be transferred out

  • Date transfer out: here you find the date the locomotive starts with its transfer out of the workshop

  • Date transfer out finished: the date when the locomotive has finished the transfer out

  • Requested by: the user who requested the intervention

  • Done by: the user who performed the intervention

  • Comment 

  • Poi: the locations or zones you set up in the "Geo" section of the administration panel

We don't advise administrators to create their interventions in the administration panel from scratch. Creating interventions straight from the Operational (beta) panel is easier and faster.

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