Whenever you create a new defect in the Operational (beta) panel you can select which impact the defect has on your asset. Theses impact service status types can be set up or modified in the administration panel by your administrator. 

To set up or change impact service status types you go to the administration page and scroll down to the "Maintenance" section. Click on "add" to create a new service status type or "change" to edit an existing service status type.

On the next page you give the service status type a name and click the save button on the right hand side of the page. In general Railfleet clients use the following service status types:

  • Train canceled

  • Train delayed

  • No impact

  • Help request

Once the impact service status types have been created you can use them when creating a new defect for an asset: go to the drop down menu below "Service impact" to select one of the impact service status types you created.

This article explains how you can create a new defect on the Operational (beta) panel.

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