Damage Codes are used at the beginning of the corrective maintenance defect notification form in Railfleet and represents the symptom seen by the train driver when he or she reports a problem to the maintainer:

Many operators and drivers implement a diagnostics manual with "if this, then check that" so the the driver can perform actions to narrow down on the problems. Those diagnostics actions usually have a code, which we call the "damage code".  

You can keep working with your internal damage codes in Railfleet by simply configuring them (once) in the administration panel

To set up your damage codes you go to the "Damage code types" in the "Maintenance Settings" section. 

Then click the "Add damage code" button on the right hand side of the page.

Next, enter your new damage code in the form. Note that the damage code name is a multilingual field, which means that if you configure the code in multiple languages it will appear nicely in the preferred language of each user. If you don't want to configure the damage codes in multiple languages you can configure them in your language and leave other languages fields blank. 

Save your damage code using the save button on the right hand side of the page.

Afterwards you can use these damage codes when creating a new defect in the Operational (beta) panel.

Note : If you don't want the "Damage code" field to appear in the Corrective defect notification form, delete all damage codes from the Admin Panel. If no damage codes are configured, the "Damage code" field will not be shown on the defect form.  

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