Geographical “Places of Interest” (PoI) come in handy when you're setting up notification rules for alerts that should notify a different set of people depending on the area your asset is currently in, or to know if rolling stock is in a certain type of place or in a specific Place of Interest.

Places of Interest on Railfleet can take the form of a line, a polygon or a single point. There are both public (non-editable) places, such as countries or train stations, and custom (editable and private) places. 

As a Railfleet administrator you can easily create custom geographical places in the Railfleet admin. You can use these to locate your workshops (if they’re not yet in the list of public PoI’s), fuel and gas stations or to define different areas your trains run in.

To create a new geographical place, you go to the administration page and go to “Places” in the "Geo"  section.

Click on the "Add place" button and complete the form on the next page: 

  • Give the new place a name

  • Draw a point, line or polygon on the map to outline the position of the PoI

Once you've drawn the new PoI onto the map you can add a label to it (for notification dispatching and alerts) and/or save your changes using the save button on the right hand side of the page.

The custom places you create will only be visible to the people from your company.

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