When a problem occurs you can show the severity of the failure: does it impact your service? Is the asset immobilised? How critical is the failure?

You can choose the severity types you wish to use yourself. To set up the severity types you go to the administration page and head over to the "Maintenance" section. Next, click the "add" link next to "Severity types".

Complete the form on the next page: give the severity type a name. You can use a color code to show the severity (red, yellow, green) or use custom names (breakdown with no impact on service, breakdown with impact on service,...). Adding a description for the severity type is optional. 

Click the save button on the right hand side of the form to save the new severity type.

You can select severity types from a drop down list when you're adding a new defect for your asset. The following article explains how creating a defect works.

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