1. Creating a new category

Creating a new category is easy: go to the Administration page and scroll down to the “Labels” section. Then click on the “add” link next to “Categories”. 

On the next page you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Give your category a name

  • Optional: add a description to your category

  • Select “Unique” if only one label within the category can be applied to an item at a given moment. (e.g. "Maintainer" would be a unique category as there’s only one maintainer responsible for a locomotive at a given time.) If you don’t select this option, multiple labels can be applied to an item.

  • Select the option “is operational” if you wish to see and edit the labels from the category in the operational (beta) view. This is useful for meta data that changes on a daily basis (e.g. for which clients you are transporting goods at a given moment).

Once the category has been created you can start adding labels. You’ll be able to see the total amount of labels that are part of the category next to “Label count”.

2. Modifying a category

To modify an existing category you go back to the administration page and head over to the “Labels” section. Click the “Change” link next to “Categories”. 

Select the category you wish to change from the list and start editing. Don’t forget to save your changes using the save button on the right hand side once you’re done editing.

3. Using categories

If you checked the option to show the category in the operational view ("is operational") it will appear in the Operational (beta) panel for the relevant assets. From there you can modify the meta data of those assets: select the relevant label(s) of a category via a drop down menu below the category name. 

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