Once you've created an asset in Railfleet you still need to assign it to the Railster that's installed on the asset. As long as the device hasn't been assigned you won't receive any data from the asset. 

To assign a device to your asset you first go to the Railfleet homepage. Then head over to the "Devices" section and click the "Assign Railster" link.

On the next page you'll need to select the asset name and the Railster name from the drop down menu. Next, click on the button below the two drop down menus to assign the device to your asset. 

You'll then see a table that shows the status of all measurements on the asset in real time. The status of every row has to be "OK" before you can confirm a correct installation. You'll start receiving data from your newly assigned asset shortly after.

Once you've created and assigned an asset you can also share it with clients or partners.

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