To add a manual counter reading to an existing asset counter, you first have to access the asset counter via the administration panel. 

If you’re an administrator you can access the admin panel by clicking on your email address in the upper right corner of your screen (once you've logged in to your account). In the dropdown menu you’ll find the option “Go to site administration". Click it to go to the admin page.

To access your asset counters, go to the “Asset” section in the Railfleet admin and click on “Counters” to go to the asset counters overview. 

Next you can use the search options to search for the asset counter you wish to add a manual counter reading for. 

When you click on the asset name to the left of the counter type you need, a form will open with all the asset counter information. 

At the bottom of the form you can add your manual counter reading. To do so, simply enter the counter value and the date and time of the counter value you wish to report.

Save your changes using the blue "Save" button in the right upper corner of the screen and you have added your manual counter reading!

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