Once your preventive maintenance plan has been set up you can start assigning the maintenance plan to your assets. 

To do so, go to the “Asset” section in the Railfleet admin and click on “Assets” to go to the asset overview. 

Next you can use the search options to search for the asset you wish to apply the maintenance plan to. 

When you click on the asset name in the list a form will open with all the asset information. Head over to the “maintenance plan” section in that form and select the maintenance plan you wish to assign to the asset. 

It’s recommended to enter the date the asset was put in service as well. You can enter this information in the “Built date” field on the asset form. When available, Railfleet can use this date as the initialisation date for your preventive maintenance events, which can be refined afterwards by confirming in Railfleet when the last occurrence of each maintenance operation was. This will be explained in more detail in the following article: Initialisation of your maintenance plan 

Save your changes and you’re almost ready to start managing your preventive maintenance events on Railfleet!

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