Component counters can easily be created on Railfleet via the admin. The counters can either be associated with telematics data from the components or assets and be updated automatically (in real time), or they can be maintained manually by user input. If the locomotive in question is equipped with a Railster a counter reading will be created automatically as soon as a corresponding message is received.

To create your preventive maintenance plan, you’ll first need to ensure that the counter types you will need are available in Railfleet. To do so, log in to your Railfleet account and go to the Railfleet admin by clicking on your email address in the upper right corner and then on "Go to site administration" (if you’re not a Railfleet admin, you’ll have to check with your Railfleet administrator to set up your preventive maintenance plan). 

Next, head over to “Counter types” in the “Asset” section. 

Check if the counter types used in your maintenance plans are already available. (Examples of such counter types are engine hours, engine Mwh, GPS km and more.) If not, click on the “add counter type” button in the upper right corner of your screen to create a new counter type. 

On the next page, select the unit you want the counter type to be in (hr, km etc.) and choose a data source. This source can be manual our telematics data.

The counter statistics are recomputed as needed: 

  • For manual counters they are updated every time a new reading is created

  • For telematic counters they are updated every night

Next, you can also enter a minimum and maximum daily average value. This will prevent the average usage from dropping too low, or even to zero, which would result in preventive maintenance operations being planned in an infinite future.

Once you’ve done all this, save your new counter type and go back to the admin home page. 

The next step in setting up your preventive maintenance plan on Railfleet, is to create operation groups. The following article explains how that works: Create operation groups

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