When you’ve created corrective maintenance events or set up your preventive maintenance plan, these events will appear on the operational dashboard, where you can manage the events asset per asset. However, as an operator it’s also interesting to get a full overview of all corrective and preventive maintenance events that are created for your assets. That’s why we developed such an overview: the Maintenance Planning Dashboard shows you all those events on a clear dashboard and enables you to create interventions based on those events. 

To access the maintenance planning dashboard, log in to your Railfleet account and open the side menu. Click on the “Planning” link and the maintenance planning page will open. If you do not have access to the Maintenance planning dashboard, this is because your current Railfleet account does not have the permission to. If needed, you can contact one of your company's Railfleet administrators or our Support team to ask if your Railfleet account can be modified.

On the Planning page you can use filters to narrow down the amount of events you see on the dashboard and to search for specific events.

If you want to combine some of these events into a maintenance intervention, you can use the checkboxes on the right hand side to select one or more events. Next, click on the blue “Create intervention” button to create the new intervention. 

When the pop-up screen opens, you can follow these steps to schedule the maintenance intervention:

  • select the intervention type, 

  • plan the start and end date of the intervention and 

  • assign it to someone. 

The asset name will be pre-filled, and the corrective or preventive maintenance events you selected will be shown at the bottom of the form. 

Once you filled out the intervention form, you can save it. It will then appear on the Operational Dashboard and on the Intervention Dashboard so that both your colleagues and your maintenance partner can follow up on the intervention.

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