The Operational Dashboard is the go-to tool to keep track of the current health and availability of your fleet, and to view alerts, corrective events and interventions for each asset separately. 

The Intervention Dashboard on the other hand, was specially developed to help you get a complete overview of all the interventions for your entire fleet, and therefore also a better overview of the upcoming availability of your assets. 

If you do not have access to the Intervention Dashboard, this is because your current Railfleet account does not have the permission to. If needed, you can contact one of your company's Railfleet administrators or our Support team to ask if your Railfleet account can be modified.

On the Intervention Dashboard you can see all the interventions that are in progress, planned or assigned to you or your company.

You can filter the list of interventions by asset, status and company, which allows you to sift through the interventions faster and more efficiently. On the Intervention dashboard you can also manage and modify the interventions, just like you would on the Operational Dashboard.

Discover the Intervention Dashboard

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