On the Railfleet Operational Dashboard you can easily view and update the operational status and restrictions of an asset. On the Operational Dashboard you can also find a section with telematics data on the dashboard. When your asset is connected to a remote monitoring device such as the Railster you’ll be able to see a couple of key telematic values in that section, such as the fuel level, battery voltage etc.

This telematics data is also used to send automated alerts. These alerts could be fault codes, low fuel or low battery voltage notifications etc. and are configured by your Railfleet admin. You can view the alerts by clicking on the “Alerts” tab on the Operational Dashboard.

From there you can check both open and processed alerts, turn the alerts into events or dismiss them:

  • Create a corrective event based on an alert

Easily turn an alert into an event from the details view of an asset: head over to the  “Alerts” tab and select the alert(s) you wish to turn into a (corrective) event using the checkboxes on the right-hand side. Click on the blue “Create corrective event” button, complete the form and save the new event. 

The alerts you selected will automatically be shown in the description field of the corrective event. Afterwards you can add the corrective event to a new or existing maintenance intervention.

  • Dismiss an alert

To dismiss an alert you click on the "Dismiss" button next to the alert. When you dismiss an alert, it will be dismissed for everyone who has access to the asset on Railfleet. 

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