The Operational Dashboard is the true core of Railfleet. This dashboard gives you a full and real-time overview of the condition and availability of your entire fleet. You and your colleagues can easily update the dashboard anywhere and anytime. 

If you do not have access to the Operational Dashboard, this is because your current Railfleet account does not have the permission to. If needed, you can contact one of your company's Railfleet administrators or our Support team to ask if your Railfleet account can be modified. 

Two simple actions you can take on the dashboard are viewing and updating the (a) operational status and the (b) restrictions of assets:

(a) Managing the operational status

Verify if an asset is operational (green), in degraded mode (yellow), or immobilised (red) at the blink of an eye. 

Set or edit the operational status by clicking on the current status and selecting a new one in the dropdown menu.

You can set the date and time in the past or keep it to the current time but you cannot set the status in the future.

Note that modifying the operational status of an asset that has been shared with you by another company may be restricted. 

Once saved, the new operational status will be visible instantly to the colleagues and partners that have access to the asset on Railfleet.

(b) Viewing and adding restrictions

Easily see if there are any restrictions, such as an imposed speed limit, to take into account, or set up new ones. Create a new restriction by clicking on the restrictions tab and then on the “add restriction” button. 

Select the type of restriction and add a comment if relevant. Once the new restriction is created it will be visible to the people with access to the asset on Railfleet.

Edit or remove the restriction at any time by clicking on the pencil or "X" icon.

Let’s get started! View and edit the operational status and restrictions of your assets here: 

Operational Dashboard

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