Once you’ve signed up to the Railfleet fleet management platform, it’s time to discover its features. One interesting and handy feature is the Railfleet Map.

If you have access to telematics and GPS data from your trains, the interactive Map will show you exactly where your assets are, and whether they’re in traction, idle, parked etc. It allows you to keep track of the precise location and state of your assets at all times:

To easily locate a specific asset or group of assets on the map, you can use the filters at the top of the page.

By clicking on the asset name you’ll get to see a snapshot of the key telematic values available for the selected asset. From there you can navigate to other pages to view the available data in more detail.

Go to the Railfleet Map

Have questions about the map or about accessing telematics data from your assets? Take a look at our detailed knowledge base articles!

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